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Thursday 15th October 2020 – Understand the power of existing customers.

Your existing customers are more likely to spend more on your products.

Satisfying your customers helps you build a large, reliable customer base and strengthens the pool of customers you can count on to repeatedly purchase from you.

When your existing customers are satisfied, they’re more likely to buy from you again and if you have your customer journey in check, they will likely become your advocate!

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Thursday 22nd October 2020 – Are you building relationships?

Taking care of current customers is more cost-effective than finding new ones.

This is why companies should strive for customer loyalty and aim at building long-lasting relationships with them.

A satisfied customer is surely going to tell other people about your business, and the satisfaction he got from it. For this reason alone, you will get more profits in the future. The mistake most businesses make is putting profits before customer satisfaction. Yes, the main objective of every business organization is to make profits, however, never do it at the expense of customers’ satisfaction.

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Thursday 29th October 2020 – The Loyalty Loop -> You belong here.

For most businesses, the main goal is to capture their customers and for them to ultimately make a purchase. For this to happen, consumers have to go on a decision journey. In the past, small business have been convinced to use the marketing funnel model; where consumers start by looking at several brands, and then filter down until they choose the one to purchase from. However, the way consumers now shop is more complex and thought through. Consumers read up on reviews, take note of recommendations, research into competitors, look around for discounts and more.

The best way to look into how consumers now shop, is by looking at the loyalty loop.