Project Description

Be Creative Media - PepperGreen Estate
Mrs Pete's Shed

Taking this fashion brand to the next level with marketing assistance and education, to become a thriving ecommerce and physical store.

The Challenge

A beautiful, French-inspired boutique located in the main street of Bowral in the Southern Highlands, Mrs Pete’s Shed offers its customers a range of women’s fashion, jewellery and accessories.

We were approached by the business owner to assist in building their website suitable for online shopping as well as a creative and fun social media strategy, and traditional print advertising such as flyers and booklets for customers.

The challenge was to allow the business owner to have full creative control, whilst offering guidance and a teaching approach and mentorship as a part of our relationship with them.

The Solution

As a result of working closely with our client, having weekly strategy meetings and implementing a step-by-step guide to website development, social media posting and general online shopping queries we were able to establish a clear plan for our client that they are able to follow as they encounter new challenges.

By clearly outlining their objectives each week and developing a simple to follow guide, our client has the confidence to manage her business online and instore and has a new found love for social media as an advertising tool.

As a result, Mrs Pete’s Shed has built on their existing loyal customer base, gained new authentic followers and increased their instore and online sales significantly.