Project Description

Be Creative Media - PepperGreen Estate

Introducing and converting new audiences to an affordable luxury product with a sophisticated taste to new audiences.

The Challenge

Introducing an affordable luxury brand with a sophisticated taste. Working with PepperGreen Estate since their conception, the challenge was to launch to market as a premium brand.

This meant designing the brand from scratch and implementing a complete integrated marketing campaign prior to launching. As a result, the team has delivered award-winning wines and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the beginning.

The cool climate wine selection satisfies the need for a sophisticated and affordable luxury solution in the premium wine market. Since 2016 each vintage is created with our Master of Wine, resulting in year-on-year international awards including double gold at the Prestigious Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards.

At the PepperGreen Estate farm of 55,000 olive trees, innovative growth and production techniques are used to produce quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Be Creative Media
Be Creative Media
Be Creative Media

The Solution

We tell the PepperGreen Estate story through a timeless brand mark.

We set out to create a classic and luxurious brand mark for use on print documents, digital platforms, packaging, clothing and social media.

Fusing the shield with the deer head, vines and combining the clef with the P produced a connection within the logo that tells the personalised story of how the brand has been developed by all involved.

This fusion resonated through the development of other aspects of PepperGreen Estate’s brand development from the label designs through to the delivery of award-winning products.

This then allowed our team to begin tapping into the overseas wine export market, design integrated marketing campaigns for tourism  advertising opportunities with Tourism NSW and launch their range of Bookable Experiences through tour companies like RedBalloon.

Be Creative Media

With a visual brand designed to attract the attention of its target audience, we then developed PepperGreen Estate’s brand personality, narrative and tagline that explains their core values.

With the brand imagery and story solidified, PepperGreen Estate now has the purpose, voice, platform and tools to accelerate growth and expand its appeal to a greater audience beyond the wine industry.

Through integrated marketing campaigns, public relations, event management and more, PepperGreen Estate has been established as a premium brand that is consistently growing as we continue to work together.